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Ok so how did you go with that first activity? It was quite challenging for me, many emotions came up about loss, being unable to be there for my kids, missing out on their life’s adventures, achievements…..but underneath all that when I finally got to what I wanted to say, I realised it came from the reflection of my own lessons in life. It was my experiences that I wanted to share, and this massive sadness in me that I wished someone had told me these things when I was small, as my life would have been soooo different had I known these things.

I felt to share with you these things, for after completing the exercise I asked my guide why she wanted me to do this and she told me it was to help me to learn how to speak from my heart. Speaking from our heart requires our heart to be open, when our heart is open we say what we really feel, what we really believe and there is no investment in how another responds. It is our Soul communicating, for our Soul holds all of our emotions, so speaking from your heart…..that emotional place of the truth inside of ourselves allows the expression of our real self….our Soul.

What I wanted my children to know, was the truth of some of the most beautiful things I have experienced in my life…..the most important things to me that I wanted them to know were…..

Believe in miracles, for they are very real things that show us hope….give us faith that someone bigger than this whole universe is guiding us with Love, allowing us to dream a life without limits.

Trust your heart, for it knows good and it knows bad…it knows joy & it knows sorrow, your Heart can FEEL the difference. Trust your heart and you will find your way home to Love.

Open your heart to love, see the good in the world, honour your word, know that you are loved, seek out the truth, long for your one true love & wait patiently for them….for your bond of love with that person is sacred & cannot be experienced with any other.

During this I remembered how I had experienced a few times in life how God feels about me, I was not quite sure how to express this, so I chose a letter form, to help remind my children that God is their true parent. Here is the letter I wrote-

To my dearest child,

You are so special to me, precious beyond anything you can possibly imagine, I have always loved you and will always love you. There is no mistake that you could ever make that we cannot change together. I am here when you need me & even when you think you don’t, I will never leave you.

You are beautiful & unique and because of this, your passions and desires make a difference in this world every time you act on them. So be bold & courageous, follow your dreams, make your journey an adventure, there is nothing to fear for I am always here.

Love God.

It was a very emotional activity for me but I understand why it is important to speak from our heart. It also made me question myself about how much do I live my life from my heart???

So in continuation of learning how to speak from my heart, the activity for this week is, the same scenario…..your time on earth has run out, and you have only one opportunity left to say something to your one true love….your soulmate……what would you say?

You may feel you are with that person or you may feel you have not yet met that person…or may not know, either way that is ok, the purpose of the exercise is to connect to the feeling in you soul that you know there is only one true love. Because your souls knows this as a truth! The reason I can say this is because many years ago I got married, I did not know anything about soul mates….and yet on my way to my wedding, I was very sad….the feeling in me was…how will I ever be able to stay with my future husband, when I meet the person I am SUPPOSED to be with. I shook off that feeling and got married anyway…..but my point is my SOUL knew…..right in that moment that the person I was about to marry was not ‘The One’….was not my one true love. And like I said I did not have any intellectual understanding of what a soulmate was at the time, but my soul still knew.

So try to connect to that feeling in you….that knowing there is an other half of you that is your mate…you soulmate. What would you say to them?

Love Nat.


Comments on: "Journey of Self Discovery….Session 2" (3)

  1. Carina Hack said:

    Dear sister Nat, How beautiful that you are doing this and how wonderfully your message today touched my heart. Thank you for being you and for your connection to your guides and for your gift to us. I honour you for your journey, your courage, and your heart. With much gratitude, Love Carina

  2. Phoebe Bruce said:

    Hi Nat,
    I found this exercise really challenging. I directed my thoughts and feelings towards my partner,as Celeste suggested in my chanelling. I really felt so blocked as to what I wanted to express to him. Even though I wasn’t saying it to him, I felt so afraid of rejection from him, like i didn’t want to say exactly how I felt as it would either make him feel ‘guilted’ into ‘trying’ to love me back, or just downright rejected. This vulnerability scares me. I’m so angry about love and soulmates, the exercise showed me that while i tell myself i really do believe soulmates exist, and that kind of love is possible, I still feel maybe its just not going to happen for me. Since I was a child I felt I had yearned for that mutual love with a perfect mate, and I struggle to surrender to God how broken i feel about not finding it. Thanks again sister xo

    • Thanks for your comments, Phoebe. I too am struggling with this exercise, every time it try to connect, and feel how closed my heart is….but am persisting with it as I know my Soul will show me something big.

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