a journey in discovering how to live a life lead by love

Journey of Self Discovery

Welcome to those of you who are new to this website, it is my personal journey in learning how to lead a life led by Love. The next 12 weeks I will be posting some activities that my guide gives to me for me to work on so that I can share more of her wisdom with those of you who want to join in. It is my hope that you will feel encouraged to ask questions, and share your experiences from the activities on this forum for others to read and learn from as well. Of course you do not have to comment, or share in anyway if you do not wish to.

Why this ‘workshop’…..this ‘Journey’?

when I reflect on why I wanted to run a workshop about self discovery, it is because I personally have a desire to discover more about myself, so that I can heal and grow more in Love…..and I have beautiful Guides who are willing to show me more of about the Laws of Love & assist me in my desire to grow.

But this is not the start of my journey. I have been searching for something all my life, you know what I’m talking about…..deep down in the pit of your stomach, that thing that you cant quite put your finger on but it feels like something’s missing.

Well over the last 10 years I have had enough ‘light bulb’ moments, enough humbling realisations, & enough emotional truth enter my heart….that I know for certain that the something that’s missing is….Love & Truth.

When I experience emotional moments of love & truth that missing feeling is gone….COMPLETELY!!!!!……. It’s like it was never there.

So for me, in my journey I want to learn more about how to have more love and truth…..and my guide is always giving me gentle insights, practical activities & things to question about myself, like my beliefs, my feelings etc.

She is always trying to help me discover more of my real self…..my Soul.

I feel blessed to know my guide and humbled by what she has taught me so far & I recognise that when our desire to know ourselves & to seek Truth is strong, then our guides ( for we all have them) are able to help us every step of the way.

So the ‘reason’ for this ‘workshop’ is to just share more of the beautiful information that my guide shares with me & maybe the outcome for you, if you choose to follow the suggestions made & activities given, is that you will discover more of yourself, learn how to heal yourself, discover the abundance of love that is available to each and everyone of us & even learn to recognise-the presence of your own Guides.

Session 1 begins tomorrow and will be posted here. Look forward to hearing from any of you who want to join in.

XO Nat.


Comments on: "Journey of Self Discovery" (1)

  1. Catherine said:

    Thanks Natalie. I would love to participate.

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