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God’s Love…

After allowing myself to feel how God feels about me the other day, I could feel my beautiful friend and guide Celeste and we had a brief conversation about God’s Love that I wanted to share…

Nat;- God loves us sooooo much that it completely overwhelms me.

Celeste;- Yes he does, is it not beautiful to feel how loved and treasured you really are?

Nat;- It’s hard to let that much love in, it feels like I’m going to lose myself.

Celeste;- On the contrary, it is when you find yourself, the beautiful, unique child of God’s that you are & you can discover that you are not a blur or blip in the sea of children that God has…..but that God recognises your individual personality, individual needs, individual desires & God celebrates those things about you and has nothing but encouragement, patience & love for all that you are. And can you feel how God wants to show you anything you desire to know?

Nat;- Yep that’s why its so overwhelming!

Celeste;- And that overwhelm is a good thing, for it is your soul growing….and with it, your faith grows and your desire to connect to our true parent grows…..and your trust that you are loved and can ask anything of God becomes cemented.


So my friends I just wanted to say keep longing, and letting the love in 🙂


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