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It was shared with me today by my guides that they are willing to give me more practical activities and exercises to do…. to help me connect to my soul and my feelings. I am also desiring to share these activities with others who would like to feel their souls more as well so that we may grow in love and closer to God.

Up until recently I had been very stagnate in my relationship with God…and upon God showing me…yet again ….that She is always there and it is me who cannot feel Her.

Allowing and wanting to be open to feeling God, has pushed me forward out of this stagnate place into an excited place of wanting to really know my real parent and embrace that which She wants to teach me about myself…. instead of the darkened, judgemental view points I have had about myself and been clinging to for some time. It has been a huge relief and yes while error is painful in its release, refusal of releasing it has been exhausting. I am no longer wanting to be exhausted!! So……

I have a little hut that I have been working out of now for a few weeks, engaging my passion for mediumship and bodywork once again. It is in Kingaroy and Celeste (my guide) has suggested that I share the things I am learning with others. So I am inviting my fellow brothers and sisters who genuinely desire to grow in love, and discover more of themselves with the help of Celeste to join me.

Celeste has advised me that it will be the responsibility of each person to act on the tasks set for them and to reflect on their feelings as well. It is not a place for talking about what you discover or feel with anyone other than God! While Celeste is happy to assist us, she tells me that many of us avoid the feeling of being alone, and she will not accommodate this addiction for anyone, and will address it directly should it arise.

So if you would like to be a part of this, I will be channelling with her over the next few weeks and an opportunity to talk to her about the activities will be available on Saturday 31st May @11am – 12pm. Contact me directly on 0448 689981 if you would like to come, and I will give the venue details to you then.

Much love…:)


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