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Heart’s Desire…

I channelled a message yesterday about desire. Following your heart step by step, but the feeling coming from my guide was ‘follow your soul’….

My Soul actually knows what it desires most. Yes there are errors and untrue beliefs still unhealed in me, but there is also an inherent goodness. I can feel a part of my ‘self’,  my soul, that is good and fun and loving and honest and open…I know this in my heart because I can feel that I was created by God and I am loved.

The message also mentioned taking time to connect to your ‘heart’ (soul) and my guide encouraged to ‘find a quiet place, somewhere with no noise’……..and to ‘just breath’!! She said if we all could do this just a little everyday then we would begin to feel our’ heart’ (soul) and what it really wants. And then we would know what to do, like, all the time!!!

I realise today that the more I practise breathing and connecting to my ‘heart’ (soul)  the less I need the quiet place to do it. I realised that if I persist in this method of taking time to feel what’s going on in every waking moment……I am following my heart’s desires.

And I  sit here this morning feeling my heart’ (soul)…..I can feel that my soul wants joy and fun and more love and more of God’s love & more truth about the universe that God has created, & beauty,& love oh and did I mention love? 🙂

In the channelling I was gently reminded how,   “painful feelings like fear, sadness, stress and pressure only feel that way so you can know when you are breaking a law of Love. Feelings are your guidance system to show you how far away from love you are in any given moment. So if you can feel your ‘heart’ (soul) all the time, you will always know when your growing and when your healing. And because God created the Laws, then all growing and healing will at some point have to be done with God to be everlasting…….and this is how we find our way home.” – Celeste.



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