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Shifts along ‘The Way’

I was reflecting on a question that was posed to me recently…..since discovering Divine Truth do I feel I have progressed? Mmmm…well when I thought about that I really started to wonder. Have I grown in Love? Has my soul, my spirituality grown? And if it has how can I tell??

It bothered me that I did not have an immediate confident answer that could be defined by a bench mark and I realised that this is so because the answer is not an intellectual one. It is more a feeling in me.

The Divine Truth teachings have taught me about Love, about God, about God’s Laws of Love, about the spirit world, about truth and error and that is just to name a few things. And while I have listened intently to the teachings, I feel like a kid in school all over again because I only get some of it! Fortunately this does not mean I am not smart…..so what does it mean?

I started to think about how when I was at school… saying my times tables over and over again helped me to remember them, but in truth I still didn’t know all of them. It was only when I discovered other aspects of mathematics….like division, fractions, percentages etc that I was able to apply what I learned and then it became something I knew…..I knew it because my experience of lots of different equations brought me to a certainty of an outcome….and before I realised I had come to an understanding of maths…it was this understanding that had caused me to grow (my knowledge)

Divine Truth I realise is kinda the same…..just because I say it parrot fashion over and over does not mean that I actually know it! Its only when you apply the knowledge to aspects of your life, so that you can experience what is being taught, that you start to feel certainty of the truth.

In the beginning when I first started to listen to the Divine Truth teachings…I tried very hard to change certain aspects of my life…to be more loving…it was a conscious effort that caused me to look at my life daily and the choices I was making. I wanted to be better than what I felt I was and I believed knowledge was going to give me that…. the upper hand as it were! Wrong….

It’s only now as reflect back on the last 5 years of my life that I realise…. that it’s how I feel about my life, how I feel about my choices that has caused me to change and to grow. Knowledge is not enough we need to ask ourselves how do we feel about what we know.

Looking back I can see how my feelings have changed, but it is my daily experiences in life that continually show me where I have made a shift and where I can make a shift. In the past I have often joked with other women about generalised derogatory  opinions of men that I now don’t feel are true and I no longer find these opinions funny…my feelings have shifted…. I once preferred to blame people for causing my pain, now I just feel that pain is where I am out of harmony with God and Love…my feelings have shifted….I once believed in retribution toward those who have done harm to me ….now I am starting to  feel compassion for them and the lack of love they have experienced in their lives….I used to feel justified in some of my choices that were unloving….now I feel remorse for the actions I have taken….

As life presents more opportunity to grow, to shift the way I live to something more harmonious with God….I am blessed to know that I can stop and feel the difference between how I used to react in certain situations….and the action I now choose. And the fact that each action I take that is in harmony with God and love comes from my heart….I don’t have to try to do it right…it is just now the natural response within my soul. This is my soul growing…progressing….opening. And what is even more beautiful about these shifts is that when I falter or get it wrong I can feel it instantly which also gives me another opportunity to learn about myself and learn about Love and rectify or change the mistake.

I have taken what knowledge (Divine Truth) I have heard and allowed the continued experience of my life, factoring in how I feel about all that happens to me and because of me and then share it with God with a desire to feel where I am in harmony or out of harmony with Love so that I can know the Truth (from God’s perspective). And that for me folks is progress!

So if you are wondering if you have grown as a person…as a soul… my suggestion…. reflect on how you feel about your life situations both past and present. Remember that God’s beautiful Law of Attraction not only shows you where you are out of balance with love and God…but also shows you the shifts you have made along the way.


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